Pedigree for Labrador Retriever

Est / Lv / Lt / Balt J Ch
Idn Ch
Wizard's Creek Zorro Loves Liberty


Date of birth: 27/02/2009
Hips B/B Elbows 0/0
Optigen A (By parents)

Zorro lives in Indonesia now

03.10.2010 European DOG SHOW 2010, Celje, Slovenia
2nd excellent in intermediate class, Res CAC under Kari Järvinen (FIN)

02.10.2010 Specialty Show For Retrievers, Pragersko, Slovenia
4th excellent in intermediate class under Lene Juhansen (DK)

22.08.2010 International Show, Tallinn
Res CACIB, best male III under Agneta Pamp (S)

21.08.2010 International Show, Tallinn
CACIB, best male II under Szuszanna Petik (H

Our Zorro finished his junior career with following results

FinJw09, LvJW10, EstJW10
Est, Lv, Lt, Balt Junior Champion titles waiting for confirmation.
Zorro is ready to go intermediate

01.08.2010 National Show, Tallinn
BOB, BOB Junior under Elena Belkina (RUS)
BOG I under Anna Brankovitch (SR)
BIS III under Zorban Brankovitch (SR)

31.07.2010 National Show, Tallinn
BOB, BOB Junior under Anna Brankovitch (SR)
BIS Junior IV under Zorban Brankovitch (SR)

17.07.2010 International Show, Pärnu
BOB Junior, Junior CAC, Best Male II under Vera Smirnova (Est)

25.06.2010 Specialty Show For Retrievers, Vildbjerg, Denmark
4th excellent in Junior Class under Hannele Jokisilta ( Balabras ) FIN

24.06.2010 World Winner 2010, Herning, Denmark
2nd excellent in Junior Class (35 entries) under Kari Järvinen (FIN)

20.06.2010 International Show, Moletai, Lithuania
LT CAC, Best Male III under Aramis Joey Lim (AUS)

19.06.2010 International Show, Moletai, Lithuania
LT CAC, Best Male III under Rafael Malo Algrudo (ESP)

06.06.2010 Estonian Winner Show, Tallinn
BOB Junior, Junior CAC, Estonian Junior Winner,
Best Male III under Louis Pinto Teixeira (P)
Crufts Qualified 2011

28.03.2010 Latvian Winner Show, Riga
Latvian Junior Winner, Junior CAC, Best Male II under
Beata Petkevica (LV)

14.03.2010 International Show "Vilnius Cup 2010", Lithuania
BOB Junior, Junior CAC under Peter Berchtold (AT)

14.02.2010 International Show, Tallinn
BOB, BOB Junior, Junior CAC under Tino Pehar (CR)
BIS Junior IV

12.12.2009 Finnish Winner Show, Helsinki
Finnish Junior Winner under Ricardo Pereira Leite (P)
Crufts Qualified 2010 or 2011

11.10.2009 World Winner 2009 Bratislawa
Best Male puppy under Elena Ruskovaara (FIN)

10.10.2009 Retriever World Club Show, Bratislawa
BOB puppy under Susanna Wiles ( Richbourne ) UK
BIS puppy under Audrey Richardson ( Darrachonna ) UK

First Show age 5 months BOS puppy
Main Specialty For Labrador Retrievers
Judge: Linda Majors ( Linjor ) UK
Loveliest of heads, dark eye and gentle expression. Clean in neck flowing into well set shoulders.
Correct topline and tail set. Developed well in chest and ribs. Well turned stifles.
In excellent double coat. Lovely otter tail. Moved well when settled.

Parents Grand Parents G.-Grand Parents G.-G.-Grand Parents
Fin Ch
Loresho Liberty
Mailiksen Gentleman
Fin Ch
Strongline`s Eternal Flame
WW-98/FinW-98/EstW-99/FinW-00/Int/Fin/Est Ch
Tawastway`s Fooling Around
Int/Fin/Est Ch
Strongline`s Jolly Known
Fin Ch
Mailiksen Lumikki
Fin/S/N/Jva///Fin Kva/Int/S/Dk/Fin Ch
Biggas Ynga
Mailiksen Villiruusu
Loresho Get On
Int/Am/Can/Fin/Est Ch
Chancellor Merry
Carromer`s Mystery
Ardmargha Good Fortune
Watch-Out`s Holly
Gb Ch
Kupros Master Mariner
Fieldvalley`s Frida
Wizard`s Creek
Te Deum Mystic Moon
Int/Can/Am/Fin/Est Ch
Chancellor Merry
Carromer`s Mystery
Pretentious At Rocheby
Carromer`s Glamour Girl
Ardmargha Good Fortune
Gb Ch
Sandylands My Guy
Fino Cherry Of Ardmargha
LvJw-03/Est/Lv/Lt/Balt J Ch
Preton Luna
Am Ch
Weathertop El Nino
Am/Can/Dutch Ch
Beechcroft`s Regal Air
Am Ch
Beechcroft Weathertop Wind
Br Ch
Beechcroft`s Perfect Charm
Classique Fire And Ice
Beechcroft`s Perfecta